Pharmacy Transactions

Jacobson Goldberg & Kulb LLP has been serving the legal needs of the pharmacy community since 1961. Founding partner, Arthur Goldberg (1932 – 2010), was at the forefront of pharmacy law for half a century and received numerous honors in recognition of his service. His understanding of the pharmacy profession enabled him to skillfully advise and guide our clients. His son, Daniel M. Goldberg, has continued his legacy and concentrates his practice on pharmacy law and transactions since joining the firm in 1996.

Jacobson Goldberg & Kulb LLP handles a wide range of pharmacy transactions, both large and small. Our lawyers with years of experience in practice areas such as buying and selling pharmacies, pharmacy audits and investigations and professional discipline matters enable Jacobson Goldberg & Kulb LLP to bring an interdisciplinary approach to such transactions.

Jacobson Goldberg & Kulb LLP has been representing pharmacists and pharmacies for decades in many and varied transactions and matters, including:

  • Opening a new pharmacy, from corporate formation and lease negotiation to the preparation and filing of pharmacy applications with the NYS Board of Pharmacy, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Medicaid and Medicare.
  • Purchasing or selling a pharmacy, including selling a pharmacy to a chain store.
  • Purchase or sale of a pharmacy under investigation by Medicaid, Medicare, the DEA, the NYS Attorney General’s Office or undergoing a third-party, Medicaid or Medicare audit.
  • Preparation of Shareholder Agreements and Employment Agreements in connection with the opening a new pharmacy or the purchase of an existing pharmacy or change in ownership.
  • Preparing and filing applications with the NYS Board of Pharmacy, the DEA, enrollment in the Medicaid and Medicare Programs and filing related applications in connection with the opening of a pharmacy, the purchase or sale of a pharmacy, the purchase or sale of stock or a relocation or renovation.
  • Our longstanding involvement with and commitment to the pharmacy profession and our understanding of its often unique combination of professional and business demands greatly assists us in providing our pharmacy clients with legal counsel aimed at allowing our clients as much as possible to focus on practicing their profession and maximizing their business opportunities.

If you are purchasing or selling a pharmacy or have received notice of a pharmacy audit, investigation or inspection, contact Daniel Goldberg at 516-222-2330 or [email protected].